Friday, May 20, 2011

True Blood series 4 preview: May contain traces of witch

There's a vampire for everyone. You can have your old-fashioned louche Count, you can have your twinkly emo, or you can even have the freaky Pan's Labyrinth Alien kind they're trying out in Priest.

I'm pretty keen on True Blood's version though. Taking most of their vampiric cues from the Blade movies they're strong, supernatural and more than a bit saucy.

Last series, our bloodsucking pals had a few werewolves to deal with.

This time around, Sookie and Bill take on a coven of witches. Seems fair enough.

What do you reckon for Series 5? Shall we start a sweepstake? Zombies? Mummies? It's been a little while since anyone has put together a halfway decent Frankenstein's monster...

If your're still reading, I have one more question: Why didn't Marvel hire Alexander SkarsgÄrd to play Thor?

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  1. The first two series were good but the third series ruined it for me. Too many story strands and too many supernatural entities, although I guess the books they are based on are partially to blame. I doubt I'll bother with the third.